New Technique Available to Measure m6A Levels for RNA Methylation Studies

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Researchers at Epigentek recently developed a new and breakthrough approach to identify the “fifth base” of RNA, N6-methyladenosine (m6A) to efficiently study RNA methylation in a practical and cost-effective manner. The technology is based on a high throughput and strip-well microplate format and is made commercially available as the EpiQuik m6A RNA Methylation Quantification Kit, the first of its kind.

It was commonly believed that messenger RNA (mRNA) contains four nucleobases — guanine, adenine, uracil, and cytosine. However in 2012, when scientists at Weill Cornell Medical College, found substantial existence of m6A in the transcriptome, our traditional understanding of how genetics works got turned around. Interestingly, 20% of human mRNA methylation is routinely methylated, 80% of which are an m6A methylation modification.  Over 5,000 different mRNA molecules contain m6A, subsequently implying widespread effects on gene expression.

Epigentek’s new technology and product essentially enables researchers to study m6A-based RNA methylation whom otherwise do not normally have easy access to special or expensive mass spectrometry equipment to do so. According to the company’s website, a 48-reaction size kit is offered at $279 while a 96-reaction size kit is available for $499, and are immediately available to the public research community.

Source: PR Web Press Release

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