Sadman Sakib
About Sadman Sakib
M. Sadman Sakib, originally from Bangladesh, finished his master’s degree in Neuroscience jointly from University of Goettingen, Germany and University of Bordeaux, France. Although he obtained his bachelor degree in biochemistry & molecular biology at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, currently he is pursuing his PhD studies in international Max Planck research school for neurosciences in Goettingen, Germany. His current research foci range from epigenetics towards aging, environmental enrichment and neurodegeneration. When he is out of the lab, he enjoys travelling and cooking.

Sunshine and Epigenetics: Altering Histone Variant H2A.Z Turnover and Gene Expression in Rice Seedlings

March 7, 2017 Sadman Sakib

Have you ever thought of how the day-night cycle can epigenetically affect plants? Latest research from Zhang et al. has shown a possible mechanism of how histone variants can negatively regulate gene expression in day-night cycles of rice seedling tissues. This paves a way for an exciting area of research of how histone variants can be differentially deposited in a very short time span, in order to fine tune the transcription due to the environmental stimuli in plants. Histones variants, [more…]


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