About Fanni Daniella Szakal
Fanni got her BSc in Genetics from the University of Edinburgh and continued on to an MSc in Marine Biology at the University of Amsterdam. After some years of research covering many organisms from yeast to dolphins, she decided to turn towards communicating science. She is fascinated by epigenetics, the magic link between genetics and the environment. In her free time, she travels when she can, hiking in the mountains and climbing as many rocks as possible.

Epigenetics Could Explain Why COVID-19 Affects People Differently

May 12, 2020 Fanni Daniella Szakal

Disclaimer: One of the reference papers has not yet been peer-reviewed. The COVID-19 pandemic spread around the globe in a matter of months, leaving devastating human health and economic consequences in its wake. From a viral point of view, this incredible success is the result of a careful balance between its deadliness and contagiousness. While the number of deaths is nearing the 300,000 mark as of May 2020, many who are infected show only mild symptoms or no symptoms at [more…]


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