Artificial Intelligence and GPT-Powered Skin Epigenetics: Applications in Personalized Skincare

May 7, 2024 WhatIsEpigenetics

Epigenetics refers to the modifications of DNA by adding chemical tags, which switch genes on and off without altering the underlying DNA sequence. This process, known as epigenetic regulation, occurs in every person and changes throughout their life. Notably, skin aging, health, and beauty are influenced by environmental interactions, and these changes are governed by epigenetics rather than genes alone. Thus, epigenetic regulation is a pivotal factor in controlling one’s skin aging, health, and beauty status, offering dynamic and reversible [more…]

Epigenetic Researchers Turn Back Time on Aging Skin Cells

April 26, 2022 Natalie Crowley

You’ve heard the old saying that age is just a number. But what if you could lower that number by about 30 years? Epigenetic researchers from the Babraham Institute in the UK say it’s possible. What’s more, they have proven it experimentally, using a new method based on Shinya Yamanaka’s Nobel Prize-winning technique to create stem cells. The study, recently published in eLife, demonstrates how older skin cells can be restored and rejuvenated by erasing some of the genetic marks that make them [more…]

EpigenCare Pioneers Personalized Skincare Based on Your Unique Epigenetic Signature

March 15, 2018 Bailey Kirkpatrick

Pinpointing factors that make a person unique could shift the entire landscape of how we attend to our health – from exercise plans to custom diets and even skincare regimens. The concept of personalization has pierced the bubble of the prevailing “one size fits all” mentality, deflating the flawed notion that what works for the majority will likely work for anyone. When it comes to our bodies’ largest organ, and caring for it effectively, epigenetics may provide an answer. Our [more…]


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