“Post-Bisulfite” and Higher Sensitivity DNA Library Preparation Technology for Epigenetics-Targeted Next Generation Sequencing Analysis

Scientists at Epigentek developed a series of new products for DNA library preparation used in next generation sequencing analysis of epigenetic mechanisms including genome-wide DNA methylation and DNA-protein interaction.

Next-gen sequencing requires an initial preparation of a DNA library, but often necessitates a high amount of starting materials to achieve. This makes tumor biopsy and embryonic tissue samples especially challenging to sequence for epigenetic applications. Current commercial offerings from other companies are also rather expensive as well as laborious. These limitations have been addressed by Epigentek’s scientists with the development of the EpiNext(TM) series of research kits that allows for next-generation sequencing library preparation and analysis of DNA methylation and DNA-protein interaction with tiny amounts of DNA.

Specifically, Epigentek’s new kits include the EpiNext(TM) Bisulfite-Seq High Sensitivity Kit and the EpiNext(TM) Post-Bisulfite Library Preparation Kit, which both use a post-bisulfite conversion DNA ligation method for highly sensitive bisulfite sequencing library construction; and the EpiNext(TM) High Sensitivity DNA Library Preparation Kit, which can construct libraries from a starting DNA input of as low as 0.2 ng. Both kits contain all the necessary buffers and reagents to cover each step of DNA library preparation with the entire procedure taking less than eight hours, making them the most convenient and cost-effective methods for construction of DNA libraries used in bisulfite-seq, ChIP-seq, and MeDIP-seq.


Source: Press Release via PRWeb

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